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2018: The Latest Tech Concepts

There was a time when tech products were low in variety and quality and high in cost. The last few years however have seen promotional technology become one of the most competitive, sexy, functional forms of promotional merchandise and corporate gifts....

Refreshing your campaigns for the New Year

It’s 2018! The start of a brand-new year. We want to make sure your promotional campaigns are 100% effective this cycle....

marketing merchandise promotional clothing

Why should promotional clothing be a part of your merchandise range?

Whether you're looking for branded polo shirts or sweatshirts with your logo printed across them, t-shirts that have images splashed over them, or accessories to add to outfits, there's plenty to pick from - and also many ways in which you can personalise them. From simple to extreme, it's a go-to marketing choice....

Hit the right notes: creating a brand with impact

The starting point is with your logo. It needs to be easy to remember, clear to understand, and unique enough that it doesn't look like any other company, or disappear into oblivion through being so generic. The colours matter too - there are many studies written on the way we understand colour and what it says about the feel of a business. Green is a lot more eco-conscious and peaceful, while yellow is associated with optimism and warmth. Orange is friendly and builds confidence, while red is bold and exciting. Grey conveys balance and calm, while blue instils trust. Purple is much more creative....

Tech - Shake things up

Want to help make your business stand out with the best promotional merchandise in town? It's time to start thinking bigger, better and with more innovation....


Making the most of your promotional merchandise campaigns

From the Coca-Cola Happiness Truck that travels around giving out free products, to the Starbucks holiday cups, to Colgate's "Don't Forget" edible promotional lolly to Compare The Market's free toy - it's everywhere and often we don't even realise it. These top brands are doing it particularly effectively; so much so that it's almost subliminal - and customers can't get enough of their promo products. There's a lot that can be learnt from these companies as a means of taking merchandise that one step further....

On-trend, low-cost merchandise to boost your promotional campaigns

You will want your promotional merchandise to be eye-catching, innovative and unique. While premium tech and luxury items might be the go-to for doing that, we understand that sometimes merchandise has to be realistic and within your budget....


Creative Emporium Online - The Merchandise Veteran Making a Change

With a firm foothold in the merchandise industry, Argon Promo has rebranded to Creative Emporium Online....

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When does a promotional item become a corporate gift?

When you hear the words 'promotional item' and 'corporate gift', chances are they almost ring as identical in your mind. Indeed, they are both used as marketing tools. However, they work in very different ways by companies of all different sizes....

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Top 5 Summer Promotional Items

Summer is truly on it way, and it's a great time to start producing promotional merchandise that will help raise brand awareness, generate new sales leads, and help to increase customer loyalty. With your potential customers attending plenty of outdoor events, heading off to the beach or on their holidays, and making the most of the summer months, there are many promotional products you can introduce that will ensure your brand name and message is with them throughout. This includes some of the most popular items that companies are branding and personalising. The top five are:...

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