Wireless charging promotional products

In today's competitive world of marketing, direct and face-to-face experiences play a vital role in creating immediate and compelling brand engagement for customers. This means that marketing managers must think carefully about the right kinds of promotional products that will allow them to stand out from the crowd.

Changing customer needs

What is it that customers want from promotional products? Primarily, they expect to see promo items that are useful and high-quality. Increasingly, the future of promotional products is focusing on tech items that satisfy both of these criteria - and wireless charging promotions are one of the fastest growing categories of technology led promotional products.

The benefits of wireless charging promotional products

Wireless charging allows busy people to charge their mobile devices on the go, without the need for cumbersome leads. So what makes them such a rapidly growing category in the high-tech promotional products stakes?


Wireless charging devices are popular for work and play, making them ideal promo products for both the B2B and B2C markets.


These high-tech devices are still relatively new to the market, giving them a strong perception of value in the customer's mind. Consider how many people nowadays travel with a range of mobile devices - from smartphones through to laptops. A wireless charger offers real value as a promotion - and a real incentive for customers to come and engage with your salespeople face-to-face at an event, or to engage with your brand via a direct mail campaign.


What could be more useful than a wireless charger that allows you to stay connected on the go? These gadgets really satisfy the utility criteria that customers want to see. This is especially important when you consider that 87% of recipients will keep your product for over a year [source: British Promotional Merchandise Association] so your brand will be seen constantly!

Brand awareness

The BPMA has found that 84% of people recognise a brand more readily when they see it on a promotional item. When you give prospects and customers a branded wireless charging device, they will see your brand every time they use it, creating a powerful recall for your business.


Wireless chargers are portable and compact tech items which make them very easy to take to face-to-face marketing events, or even to carry for client meetings or spontaneous marketing opportunities. Equally, their sizes makes them easy for customers to take away and retain - along with your accompanying marketing material!


Choose your wireless chargers

The Zens USB Wireless Charger Round can be customised with a single colour brand, and discounts are available for larger orders, making each unit even more cost-effective. Find out more at: https://www.creativeemporiumonline.co.uk/tech/tech-giveaway/zens-usb-wireless-charger-round

Alternatively, the Zens Wireless Charger Stand is a luxurious promotional item which both charges a mobile phone and displays it to the user. Again, it offers the option to customise with branding and has volume order discounts available. See more at: https://www.creativeemporiumonline.co.uk/tech/gadgets/zens-wireless-charger-stand

Order yours today

So what are you waiting for? If you are ready to take your promotional and direct marketing strategy forwards and meet your customers' preferences for high-tech promotional products, it's time to look at wireless charging tech items to stand out from the competition and ensure your brand gets seen!


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