On-trend, low-cost merchandise to boost your promotional campaigns

If you're considering developing a range of promotional merchandise for your business, chances are you'll want something that really engages your target audience.


You will want your promotional merchandise to be eye-catching, innovative and unique. While premium tech and luxury items might be the go-to for doing that, we understand that sometimes merchandise has to be realistic and within your budget.

Here are our top 5 favourite, on-trend, low-cost items of promotional merchandise: 

1. Branded Fidget Spinners

This toy has become an unexpected global phenomenon in 2017. The toy, which quite simply, spins around quickly, is intended to relieve stress or help the user to focus when working in a distracting environment. It is popular with children and adults alike and is likely to be gifted by many businesses this year.


2. Branded Mini-Drones

Who doesn't love a fancy new gadget? Mini-drones are an affordable way to share this exciting feeling with your customers. They are not only fun but also a memorable gift for your clients. While this may look like a premium gift option, branded mini-drones can start at as little £10.


3. Branded Fidget Cubes

Another stress-relief promotional product, fidget cubes look a little bit like complex dices. They can fit into the palm of your hand and feature a range of sensory tools including gears, a rolling ball, a small joystick and an on/off switch. There's plenty to fiddle with - it'll be with your customer for a long time, keeping your branding fresh in their mind as they regularly use it.


4. Branded Solar-Powered Chargers

An environmental take on the merchandise staple, the power-bank. Solar-powered chargers can help your customers to stay connected, making their day infinitely easier. What's more, they can do it with no impact on their planet! Given how useful this product is, they'll no doubt keep it in their bag for whenever their battery gets low. This guarantees your brand more exposure, and you'll always be associated with saving the day!


5. Branded Grow-Your-Own-Herb-Garden

For your green-fingered clients, a herb garden will be a unique and popular source of promotional merchandise. It will sit in their home or office, subconsciously reminding them about your business. It may also be something they go on to gift to a friend or family member, which can help to spread the word further. A herb garden has a great deal of longevity as the plants grow, and is also practical and useful. It's a creative way to share your message with your audience. Just ensure you find ways for it to make sense and connect cohesively.

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