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PopSockets are one of 2019’s best promotional items and here’s why: they get your brand on the one thing that every customer takes everywhere: their phone.  The average person looks at their phone 46 times a day.  Their contacts and passers-by see that phone.  Their mirror selfies show that phone to all their social media contacts.  That’s hundreds of times a day your logo can be seen.  Are you getting that coverage for your brand through any other promotional merchandise?



But what is a PopSocket?

A PopSocket is a smartphone accessory – a circular knob that attaches to the back of your phone which can pop out for use and collapse again when you don’t want it. It’s a multi-functional gadget which provides a more secure and comfortable way of holding your phone, a more practical grip for taking selfies, something to wrap your headphone wires round, and a stand to prop your phone up for handsfree viewing.

What is a popsocket used for?


16 reasons why PopSockets are one of the best promotional items for 2019


  1. PopSockets are a low-cost branded product - just £3.95 from us with a minimum quantity of 120
  2. They are small and light so low-cost to post
  3. Tech gadgets are on-trend in 2019
  4. They’re relevant to almost everyone, working for tablets and Kindles as well as smartphones.
  5. Many people have multiple devices, and as attaching two to each device has its utility, the chances of your PopSocket promotional gift being used is high, even if your receiver already has some.
  6. They’re multifunctional which people love:
  • They are a more secure way of holding your phone so you’re less likely to drop it
  • They provide a more practical grip for taking selfies, eliminating the awkwardness of trying to hold your phone and press the shutter button with one hand
  • They provide something to wrap charging cords or headphone wires round to prevent them getting tangled; and
  • They act as a kickstand to prop up your device for reading or watching video content
  • Car vent mounts are also available for safe use of the phone’s satnav function whilst driving.
  1. Their multi-functionality means they’re useful in some way to almost everyone
  2. Your branding will be seen repetitively by the phone’s owner, their contacts and people nearby when they’re out and about with their phone, and across their social media when they post their mirror selfies
  3. They’re popular. And with celebrities such as Serena Williams and Ryan Seacrest using them, they become ever more desirable
  4. It’s wireless charging compatible (read more about wireless charging products here)
  5. If your business promotes a health and wellbeing message, they help people with health conditions affecting hand mobility such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Parkinson’s.

Why are PopSockets called “PopSockets”?

Branded Popsockets

 The inventor, David Barnett, doesn’t seem to have gone on record as to why he named his gizmo a PopSocket grip.  Here at Creative Emporium Online we surmise it’s because the knob pops out when you want to use it, then fits into its own socket when you’re done.  And it’s a catchy name – much better than Barnett’s Patented Collapsible Grip Attachment.  But here in the office we keep calling them pop socks...



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