Why should promotional clothing be a part of your merchandise range?

With promotional merchandise becoming ever more affordable for businesses, many are looking towards promotional clothing as part of their marketing strategy. This rise in popularity has seen the variety of products on the market grow, and there are now a wide array of fashionable clothing items and promotional products available for you to choose from.

Whether you're looking for branded polo shirts or sweatshirts with your logo printed across them, t-shirts that have images splashed over them, or accessories to add to outfits, there's plenty to pick from - and also many ways in which you can personalise them. From simple to extreme, it's a go-to marketing choice.


Why Promotional Clothing?

The question you may be asking - especially if this is something you're considering for your business - is 'why'? Well the answer is multi-fold. Firstly, it can be a very cost-effective way of promoting your brand. For example, if you were to go to an event wearing promotional t-shirts or hoodies, then everyone at the event would be able to see your brand presence. You won't have paid a penny for advertising, event space or billboards (other than ticket admission), but you'll still benefit from your brand being seen.

It also helps to create cohesion amongst your team, and ensure you are all easily identifiable and look professional. If you have a stand at an event, this can help people know who is working for you and therefore who to speak with. This can play a big part in helping to drive greater sales and promote your business. It can also help everyone working for you to feel like they're part of a united team.


Stylistic Approach

Along with this brand awareness is the fact that your merchandise can also become a stylish part of your company identity. If it is branded and designed well, people may wish to buy it for themselves and therefore it can become a source of revenue in it's own right, while spreading your brand organically amongst potential customers.

It doesn't have to start and finish at t-shirts, branding can be applied to a range of garments with promotional activity in mind. Do you operate a sports facility? Why not try a completely branded dri-fit sports-kit. Something seasonal? Branded Christmas jumpers are a great item for internal usage.

What better billboard for your business than a walking customer who can pass on valuable word of mouth feedback. It provides constant visualisation, where your brand name and message is subliminally absorbed.


 In Summary

When considering which items of promotional clothing to opt for, it's important to keep in mind the difference that quality can make. The more eye-catching, well-fitting and attractive they are, the more attention they will get. If the item is going to be worn frequently, it also needs to be durable and hard-wearing. Ultimately, it is a much more affordable marketing tactic than TV, print or other media advertising. It can be worn any time your business is attending an out-of-office function or event, and guarantees your name gets seen.

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