Benefits of buying promotional umbrellas

As anyone in the UK will know, the weather is extremely changeable. Rain showers occur throughout the year making umbrellas an essential item. This makes them perfect for promotion of your brand or marketing message, whenever the rain strikes, it’s the umbrella’s time to shine and your company will be on display for everyone to see.


Why choose promotional umbrellas?

1. Longevity of umbrellas means long term exposure

Not only are umbrellas used far more frequently than other promotional products, their natural longevity means that your brand will get huge amounts of exposure. Umbrellas are also an everyday item that will be taken on journeys, resulting in your brand being exposed across the country without any additional work on your part.

2. Large branding area

All umbrellas have a large surface area, meaning more space for your company logo or marketing message. Being able to add more information will help potential customers get a greater understanding of your brand.

3. Wide range of umbrellas to choose from

Whatever the requirement, there is a promotional umbrella that will suit your target audience. Telescopic umbrellas are small and compact, ideal for on the go and likely to be kept and reused over and over again. For event days and corporate events, golf umbrellas are perfect. Golf umbrellas in particular carry a high perceived value, likely to be kept for a number of years for increased brand exposure.

4. For something extra special, we have Umbrellas that really stand out

If you really want to impress your clients, and drive brand exposure through promotional products, then there are a number of special promotional umbrellas you can use. The most popular of these are colour changing umbrellas – these change colour when wet, and can really be used to show off your brand, as well as being fun for the clients who use them. Umbrellas with light-up handles are also in high demand, as they can be seen from a distance, they are very eye catching even in dreary wet weather, and help people to associate a sense of fun and creativity with your brand.

At Creative Emporium, we supply one of the biggest umbrella ranges in the UK. We have a dedicated team available to discuss your requirements and recommend the right umbrella for you, get in touch today for a chat or view our range of umbrellas here, or alternatively please contact us.


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