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Want to help make your business stand out with the best promotional merchandise in town? It's time to start thinking bigger, better and with more innovation.

Tech is a great way to show how your business likes to move forward. Gone are the days of identical items sold by every supplier, tech now offers just as much creativity as any other category of merchandise, with more shapes, functionality and colour than ever before. 







This includes power banks, which are unique and useful to customers who want to stay charged on the go. It's something they'll be able to carry around with them throughout their everyday life, ensuring your branding is subliminally staying in their mind.








The advent of USB 3.1, offering faster data transfer than ever before has put USBs at the forefront of tech merchandise. They enable your potential customers to keep important information stored on an external device. This is handy for them to have and helps to improve brand awareness. It is also something that often gets passed around the office, which can help with spreading the message and making your logo or branding feel more visible.







For something particularly one-of-a-kind and high-quality, there's speakers. Speakers feel like a thoughtful corporate gift, and come in a range of shapes and sizes, all connectable via bluetooth. Headphones are a cost-effective alternative and again, are an item that your customer will use on a daily basis. Audio offers a range of merchandise options to suit all budgets and requirements.







Why not opt for something a little more premium. Promotional merchandise options, such as Live Action Cameras, multi-USB adaptors, activity trackers, and camera lens modifiers are a high-quality way to give your clients a unique gift. In addition these can all be fully branded and customised to match your colours and logos.







A popular option this year has been selfie 'buttons' such as the 'Selfie Ring'. These have almost replaced the iconic 'selfie stick' of the past 5 years, allowing for more creativity than ever. You are able to click the camera from up to 10 metres away, which means your customers will be able to take your product away on holiday with them. Creating maximum visibility!

Contact us today to see if we can push your promotional campaigns forward with our range of tech merchandise.


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